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The marine accelerator propelling startup projects

Innovate by our sides

Created to support emerging, innovative companies, FLOTS provides agile support programs that kickstart projects with a high potential for growth and accelerate their journey to market.


If you’re a student, researcher or entrepreneur that would like to explore a project or idea related to the blue economy, Novarium and our marine accelerator FLOTS’ support programs can help you develop the leadership skills you need and provide you with the opportunity to test your projects in our extraordinary facilities where technology and science are put to work for the blue economy.


  • Confirm your market;
  • Learn how to market;
  • Create links with industrial partners;
  • Develop a multidisciplinary team;
  • Discover industrial excubation;
  • Etc.

Learn more about our virtual complex, living laboratory and driven community now.

Discover the accelerator FLOTS and its programs!


Truly passionate about what they do, our pioneers reinvent the economy of our future by developing innovative, sustainable solutions for the living and biomarine sectors today.

Read on to discover their success stories, groundbreaking solutions, technological breakthroughs and impressive growth.

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