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Ocean Edge, a Global Open Innovation Platform, Launches at COP28

By December 4, 2023December 11th, 2023No Comments
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Building a Blue Future for Ports:

Ocean Edge, a Global Innovation Platform, Launches at COP28

DUBAI, DECEMBER 2 2023Ocean Edge, a trailblazing maritime global open innovation platform, announces its launch at the upcoming COP28 in Dubai. Founding partners Novarium and Climate Edge join forces to bring the best climate technologies to a network of port authorities around the world.

This result-driven platform is dedicated to revolutionizing the port and maritime sector through collaborative innovation, rigorous global scouting, and full scale industrial integration. Supporting the International Maritime Organization’s ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 compared to 2008 levels, Ocean Edge is committed to leading the charge in decarbonization efforts within the industry.

By capitalizing on the growing blue economy, set to expand to a $3 trillion market by 2030, Ocean Edge positions itself at the vanguard of maritime trade and logistics innovation. The initiative is rooted in three critical areas of innovation: Decarbonization, Digitization, and Regeneration. With a strategic and result-driven methodology, Ocean Edge is structured to deliver from the initial outreach to startups right through to the execution of projects.

The journey to Ocean Edge’s inception has been marked by active stakeholder engagement since August 2023 and up to its inauguration at COP28. The forthcoming year heralds pivotal events, including a foundational meeting and the official start of the program, signifying a transformative era in maritime innovation.

Ocean Edge boasts a comprehensive network, fostering a startup pipeline that reaches across global, regional, and local levels, strategically positioned to address the current gaps in the global ocean tech landscape. Demonstrating its capabilities, Ocean Edge, through Novarium, has orchestrated a global innovation challenge, pinpointing finalists who aim to deliver real-time water quality monitoring solutions for Canadian ports.

As a collaborative venture between Quebec’s Blue Economy Campus Novarium and Climate Edge, a global climate innovation firm, Ocean Edge is steered by an expert leadership team including co-founders Amelie Desrochers and Hendrik Tiesinga, alongside maritime authority Daniel Olivier. Their combined expertise and vision imbue the platform with a global perspective and an ambitious drive for sustainable change.

Ocean Edge stands out for its ability to convene executive innovation summits, leverages a substantial global startup pipeline, and offers unparalleled insights into the realm of climate innovation. As the narrative of the blue economy evolves, Ocean Edge is adeptly poised to articulate and shape this story with inclusivity and conviction.

The COP28 launch serves as a platform to showcase Ocean Edge’s dedication to fostering innovation, enhancing global positioning, and increasing operational efficiency, all while bolstering ESG and community engagement. Furthermore, it emphasizes the platform’s alliance with its founding members and the collective endeavor towards achieving a sustainable maritime industry aligned with the IMO’s decarbonization goals.

Ocean Edge extends an invitation to ports, maritime corporations, and startups to partake in this pioneering initiative that envisions a future of shared progress, fostering a resilient and sustainable blue economy for all.

“We are delighted to launch this initiative with Climate Edge. Our combined expertise and proven track-record of success will support the port sector in their most ambitious climate goals. Our comprehensive approach rooted in the blue economy will accelerate the pace of innovation and industrial integration. We aim at bridging the gap between early stage innovation and full scale deployment by collaboratively sourcing the best ventures and establishing the most efficient road map to get there.” – Amélie Desrochers, Executive Director, Novarium, and Co-Founder of Ocean Edge

“Ocean Edge provides a platform collaboration to ignite innovation, catalyzing the energy of startups to achieve the IMO’s decarbonization targets. Our members, leading ports worldwide, are not just joining forces; they are fostering a new maritime startup ecosystem that will propel us toward a 50% reduction in emissions by 2050.” – Hendrik Tiesinga, CEO Climate Edge, Co-Founder of Ocean Edge

About Novarium

Novarium is an innovation campus dedicated to the blue economy and that is generating synergies between Quebec entrepreneurs, research centres, investors and industry. Its vertically-integrated accelerator FLOTS supports startups and industrial partners in the development and commercialization of sustainable solutions that tackle the most pressing climate challenges, such as ocean preservation. Founded by Martin Beaulieu, PhD, entrepreneur and CEO of La Zone Bleue, Novarium is also part of an international blue economy innovation network, and acts as a major catalyst for maritime knowledge with more than a hundred researchers involved in the fields of oceanography, marine biotechnology, marine engineering, data management and marine biology. For more information, visit

About Climate Edge

Climate Edge, an innovation studio, collaborates with corporations, nonprofits, and governments to create climate tech open innovation platforms and ecosystems. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of transformative climate technologies by bridging the gap between cutting-edge climate innovation and mainstream adoption. Founded by Hendrik Tiesinga, the Climate Edge team brings decades of experience in developing international innovation platforms to scale clean technologies. We maintain an extensive global network of ecosystem partners and startups, granting us unique insights into the forefront of climate innovation worldwide.

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