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The future is blue

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A dynamic community and modern infrastructures dedicated to propel the Blue Economy forward. Novarium is connecting the dots between tech startups, academia and research.

The Vision

Inspired by nature, the Blue Economy is based on a sustainable business model where coastal communities and maritime stakeholders around the world foster collaboration, innovation and the sharing of knowledge to develop new solutions and stimulate the economy through promising, viable actions for future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for science and business to collide, so that those with a passion for high-potential sustainable projects can take their innovative solutions in the fields of marine biotechnology and technology, maritime engineering, data intelligence, marine ecosystem conservation and the development of resources, from lab to market.


Novarium is democratizing scientific research and accelerating the growth of ocean-related technologies.

We strongly believe that by diversifying our resources and multiplying our ideas, professors, researchers, students, research centres, governments, local and international companies, the general public and investors alike can create fertile ground for economic development.

New technology emerging from creative engineering out of research centres and visionary entrepreneurs needs to be shared for the benefit of maritime stakeholders and partners around the world.

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Our local, national and international partners play a crucial role in the development of the ecosystem.

Each project is unique and often requires a personalized approach. From seed funding to scale up, our partners are there every step of the way.

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